What to do if you have a small kitchen: designer tips

Get rid of unnecessary things and arrange on a countertop warehouse — too banal tips that have already tried!

Useful ideas for tiny spaces is now not lose their relevance. Next — tips interior decor http://www.absoluteinteriordecor.com/ that will help push the boundaries of cuisine.

Tip 1: glossy facades and delicate shades — must-haves

small kitchen - designer tipsIf your kitchen is small, it is necessary to choose the facades gentle light colors: gray, blue, pink, purple cold. Add warmth and comfort of natural wood finish.

Tip 2: Experiment with light

small kitchen - designer tips-1Instead of one large lighting device, use several small: the walls, over the table, over the working triangle. Emphasize the functional areas or to place light accents can be using LED lamps, hidden in the apron, countertop, basement, ceiling design.

Tip 3: «Doris» missing meters

small kitchen - designer tips-2One of the best ways to visually extend the kitchen area — apron 3D-effect or wallpapers. Just imagine one of your walls is transformed into a picturesque terrace overlooking the sea, mountains or the streets of the old Europe. If the kitchen is quite small, the wallpapers with the prospect of leaving for horizon roads or streets can be pokleit directly to the door — a cunning trick of the eye.

Tip 4: hide unnecessary and benefit

small kitchen - designer tips-3Kitchen walls in the model homes are often a lot of peaks and valleys with communications inside. Engage niche for a maximum of, for example, close them in upholstery blinds and are converted to an additional cabinet — space savings is obvious. Shutters are manufactured in virtually any size and installed in a matter of hours.

Tip 5: give up heavy curtains

small kitchen - designer tips-4That’s true, why are they in the kitchen? The bedroom has blackout curtains are necessary, for example, so as not to wake up from the first rays of the sun, but close cloth only window in the kitchen — a crime. The room would be dark and cluttered, and thus visually reduced. Pleated blinds or light — that’s perfect for a small kitchen.

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